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What is Stencil Concrete?

What is Stencil Concrete?

Stencil concrete is a system of adding colour, pattern and texture to a 
plain concrete slab at the time of pouring. The finished job has the
attractive look of brick or stone with a contrasting grout line. Edges of
plain, matching or contrasting pattern and colour can be added and
decorative features such as special designs, company logos, monograms,
can be incorporated into the paving allowing you to customise your look.

Laying the stencil at a 45 degree angle allows you to achieve a different
look. Please ask your applicator about your options with the various
patterns available.

Emphasising the edging in your designs allows you to add another colour
dimension to your project. It allows you to blend the colours of your
external facade beautifully with your surrounding environment.

Add beauty to your living environment and add value to your home.  
Stenciled concrete combines the unbeatable durability of concrete with
the distinctive architectural appeal of traditional brick or stone pavers.
Stenciled concrete is stylish, strong and incredibly versatile.

Create eye catching features using contrasting colours and borders or
include rosettes and compasses to add individual style.


The installation of a stencil crete product takes approx. 3 days from start to finish, including a full clean up service. The steps involved in the installation process are:

  1. The ground is prepared up to a level where concrete can be laid.
  2. Concrete is poured as normal.
  3. The stencil is embedded using a sponge roller.
  4. Coloured dye is floated in the wet concrete.
  5. The pattern is achieved by removing the stencil from the concrete.
  6. A sealer is applied within one hour of being fit to walk on.
  7. A second sealer is then applied the following day.
  8. When the second coat of sealer is applied, all debris and form work is removed and your job is complete.


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