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Care & Maintenance


Decorative Concrete has distinct advantages over other pavements and given the correct care and maintenance your new or resurfaced concrete will maintain its colour and appeal for future years.

Your new or resurfaced decorative concrete is treated with an acrylic sealer to help produce an attractive surface that is easier to clean and maintain than unsealed concrete. The sealer works by blocking the pores of the concrete, providing a protective layer that helps stop dirt becoming ingrained and helps achieve a more consistent look.

Acrylic sealers will wear over time, however, if well maintained you will maximise the lifetime and reduce the frequency of resealing. Under normal conditions resealing may be required every 18 – 24 months.

To ensure the maximum lifetime of your sealer and to keep your decorative surface looking like new it is recommended that periodic maintenance be carried out. Maintenance is as simple as removing foreign material and cleaning from time to time. Due to the incompatibility of some sealers we recommend the use of Concrete Technologies sealers only. By combining the versatility and performance advantages of concrete with the decorative appeal of Concrete Technologies products, you have chosen the best of both worlds.

Maintaining your decorative surface

  • Solvent based or chlorine based cleaners
  • Car washing on pavement as some detergents and waxes can affect sealer
  • Oil or petroleum based product spills
  • Excessive leaf or organic litter (may stain)
  • Traffic on abrasive materials
  • Excessive dirt ingress


If your pavement looks ‘faded’, patchy or dull when dry but appears ok when wet – it is time to reseal. A simple test to determine if your pavement is due for resealing is to wet it. If the surface darkens and appears more consistent then resealing may be required. Always reseal with the appropriate sealer to suit your decorative surface, and to only apply to properly prepared and dry surfaces.

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