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What is Covacrete?

What is Stencil Concrete?

  Create a tougher than concrete surface. Covacrete is a polymer 
  modified cementitious compound that is coloured using a premium
  oxide colour.
  Our resurfacing range can set up to two times the strength of normal
  20mpa concrete, creating a highly durable and long lasting surface.

  A base layer is trowelled onto the prepared concrete surface. This
  provides the grout colour’, surface levelling and highly effective priming
  of the existing slab.

  The top coat is applied using a specialised spray gun to apply the
  colour over the base layer and stencil. This layer is applied between 
  2mm to 3mm thick. The stencil is removed to reveal the selected  
  pattern. The surface is then sealed to protect and lock in the rich colour
  for years to come. 

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